Clinical Physicians

Our Leadership Team

Carol Agustin - Nurse Manager

Carol Agustin, RN

Nurse Manager, OR

Hanna Balakier - IVF Laboratory Director

Hanna Balakier, PhD

IVF Laboratory Scientific Director

Liz Crossman - Business Manager

Liz Crossman

Business Manager

Debbie Davies - Clinic Manager

Debbie Davies, RN

Clinic Manager

Peggy Dwyer - OHIP Billing Manager

Peggy Dwyer

OHIP Billing Manager

Cheryl Ethier - Quality Assurance Manager

Cheryl Ethier, MPPAL(C), CSSGB

Quality Assurance Manager

Abbey Gaudet - Nurse Manager

Abbey Gaudet

Nurse Manager, Ovum Donation & Surrogacy Program

Andrée Gauthier-Fisher

Andrée Gauthier-Fisher, PhD

Research Programs Senior Director

Larissa Kan-Ool - Radiologist

Larissa Kan-Ool, MD

Ultrasound Department Manager

Nir Keren - Reproduction Patient Experience

Nir Keren

Director of 3rd Party Reproduction Patient Experience; Founder, Babies Come True

Rima Kharonsky - Nurse Practitioner

Rima Kharonsky, NP, MN

Nurse Practitioner

Iryna Kuznyetsova - IVF Laboratory Clinical Director

Iryna Kuznyetsova, PhD, HCLD

IVF Laboratory Clinical Director

Ayub Lulat - Blood Blank Director

Ayub Lulat, PhD

Senior Director of CReATe Cord Blood Bank and CReATe Biobank

Svetlana Madjunkova - Reproductive Genetics

Svetlana Madjunkova, MD, PhD

Reproductive Genetics Director

Sergey I. Moskovtsev - Andrology Director

Sergey I. Moskovtsev, MD, PhD

Andrology Director

Cecile Palomares - Nurse coordinator

Cecile Palomares, BScN, RN

Satellite Nurse Coordinator

Nelson Palomares - Biochemistry Lab Director

Nelson Palomares

Biochemistry Lab Director

Natalie P - Front Desk Manager

Natalie P

Front Desk Manager

Sarah Steel - Cycle Monitoring Manager

Sarah Steel

Nurse Manager, Cycle Monitoring

Jan Silverman - Counsellor

Jan Silverman

Head Counsellor

Alice Tobey - House keeping manger

Alice Tobey

MDR/Housekeeping Manager

Rocco Vari - IT Director

Rocco Vari

Director of IT Infrastructure