Gestational carrier (surrogacy)

Many families will need to work with a gestational carrier to build their family. There are many fertility problems or situations where a gestational carrier can help. This includes, but is not limited to: Absence of the uterus from birth; An abnormal uterus from birth; A hysterectomy later in life; Scarring in the uterus cavity (Asherman’s syndrome); Large fibroids; Recurrent Pregnancy losses or recurrent failed embryo implantation during IVF; A medical condition that makes carrying a pregnancy dangerous for the intended mother; A medication that the intended mom must take that could harm her fetus during pregnancy; Same sex male couples or single men.

During gestational surrogacy, the eggs come from the intended mom or an egg donor, and the sperm comes from the intended father or a sperm donor, depending on the specific circumstances.

Being a gestational carrier appeals to many women who have an easy time with pregnancies and have a desire to help someone else enjoy the blessing of parenthood. All carriers must already have had one or more children, have had no major pregnancy complications and must be generally healthy. Being a carrier requires you to be committed to follow a simple medical protocol before an embryos is transferred to your uterus, followed by good prenatal care once a pregnancy is achieved. Gestational carriers are very special people who find this a rewarding way to help another family have a pregnancy which otherwise could not happen.

CReATe has the largest gestational carrier program in Canada and we help intended parents from all over the world. There are some countries where gestational surrogacy is not available or legal. A legal contract between the surrogate and intended parents is required. We can easily help with this process. In addition, both the surrogate and intended parents will undergo supportive psychosocial before the process begins. If you are interested in either being a gestational carrier yourself or require the help of a gestational surrogate, please contact us at For more information, click here.