Exciting news from CReATe Fertility Centre!

We know this time period has been difficult for our patients whose fertility journey has been paused. We are working diligently towards starting up again!

We are making plans for resuming Fertility Care starting from mid to late May 2020! This includes: IUI, IVF and FET cycles, as well as office hysteroscopies.

We are doing diagnostic testing (blood, semen analysis, pelvic ultrasounds) and have now restarted diagnostic procedures (tube testing, sono tests). We are also continuing to care for our pregnant patients during the first trimester, and look after our patients for more urgent care.

The hospitals we affiliate with (Women’s College Hospital and Sunnybrook) are soon restarting elective procedures.

Consultations for new patients and follow-up appointments will continue via phone and telemedicine for now.

If you have questions and/or wish to book an appointment for any of the above, please contact your doctor’s administrative staff, cycle monitoring nurses (cyclemonitoring@createivf.com) or the third-party administrative team (programasst@createivf.com).

We are working very hard behind the scenes, reviewing current worldwide and local Public Health guidelines. The fertility clinic directors across the country are discussing how to resume care safely. Our staff is 100 percent dedicated to resuming our outstanding fertility care! We have updated our processes and protocols to ensure optimal safety for our patients and staff to stay healthy!

Stay tuned, as we will release more details soon on our website and social media. We are always here to support you and help ease your concerns, and we are excited to resume CReATe-ing your family!