Fertility Benefits Matter launches

Image for “Fertility Benefits Matter launches”, CReATe Fertility Centre

Today marks the launch of Fertility Benefits Matter, a new campaign collaboration between Fertility Matters Canada and Conceivable Dreams. The aim of the campaign is to improve fertility benefits in Canada because, as the website states, “any Canadian that needs help building their family, should be able to get it”.

New research looked at the current landscape of Canadian employer benefits. It found the majority of employers do not offer any fertility benefits and the ones that do provide coverage, typically only offer fertility drug coverage, not treatment coverage. Additionally, the average lifetime payout is $3,250, not nearly enough to assist with the financial barrier of IVF, surrogacy, or adoption costs — even in provinces that offers some type of public funding.

The campaign will be anchored in a new website, www.fertilitybenefits.ca. It speaks to both employers and employees. Each group is provided with tools and resources that make the case for how to support more family-friendly benefits in the workplace.

The campaign’s website includes some assets that allow everyone to easily participate in this campaign, including toolkits for employees and employers, as well as a social media toolkit for easily sharing on social media.

The campaign aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of all Canadians who need to pursue fertility treatment or alternative forms of family building. The organizers state, “A collaborative approach is needed, which includes governments, fertility experts, patient groups, businesses, and each of us.”

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