Patient participation in research

Some of our studies involve patient participation. If you would like to learn more about and participate in specific research projects, please discuss with your physician, nurse or contact our Director of Research (, 416 323 7727).

How you can participate in research studies at CReATe

Mention to your nurse and/or doctor that you are interested in participating in our research projects, and return the signed consent forms (included in your treatment orientation package or on our website) as soon as possible so that our researchers can determine your eligibility to participate in specific research projects as early as possible.

Exclusion/inclusion criteria for studies

Some studies focus on a specific group of patients (for example patients diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or poor responders to IVF, or specific age groups), and so only patients that fit these groups, or patients that fit the control groups for these studies would be included in a given study.

Informed consent, which means that you have been given enough information to understand how your waste material could be used in a research project and have signed a consent form indicating that you agree to participate in research projects, is mandatory for doing this research.

Some projects may require a small blood sample be donated to correlate to research results – this requires signing a separate consent form.

How to learn more about our research studies

Speak to your nurse or doctor, who will happily tell you about the process. They may put you in touch with one of our researchers or our Clinical Research Coordinator for you to discuss ongoing and planned research happening at CReATe.