Cycle monitoring

Clinic Hours for Daily Ultrasound & Blood Tests

  • Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 10:00 am
    Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.
  • We are open 365 days a year.
  • Use buzzer code # 20 on Sundays & Holidays
  • Please help us maintain the CReATe Fertility Centre as a fragrance-free environment.

When you arrive, please sign in on 1 to 3 clipboards, depending on what you are in the clinic for. For regular cycle monitoring you sign all 3 below:

  1. Your Doctor’s clipboard
    (ALL patients should sign this board regardless of whether you are seeing your doctor or not (except if you are only having a pregnancy blood test)
  2. Blood lab clipboard
    For patients undergoing cycle monitoring (If you are in for a pregnancy ultrasound, you usually do not require a blood test, unless your doctor orders a blood test)
  3. Ultrasound clipboard
    For patients undergoing cycle monitoring or having a pregnancy ultrasound (unless your doctor is performing the ultrasound themself, they will let you know the visit before if they are performing the ultrasound)

For a pregnancy blood test only, sign the Pregnancy Test List only, located outside of the Blood Chemistry laboratory.

If you have questions for the nurse, please sign your name on your physician’s clipboard and write “see nurse” written next to your name.

If you are having an injection only (ie no blood tests or ultrasounds), sign your doctor’s clipboard with “injection only” written next to your name.

If you are in to talk to your physician only, sign your doctor’s clipboard.

If your doctor will be performing your ultrasound, sign-up on your doctor’s clipboard with “doctor performing ultrasound“ written beside your name. Also sign up for bloods. Do not sign up for ultrasound.

You will be called in turn by the Blood lab technician, the Ultrasound technician, and the Doctor.

Please Note: It is clinic policy that ultrasound results can only be discussed with your physician, not the technician.

Please notify the Front Desk Staff of any change in contact information: name, address or phone number. Be sure to have your OHIP card updated.

Instructions for Next Step

You will be informed when to return, either by your doctor or by a nurse calling you after the blood tests are back and reviewed with your doctor.

After you have been seen by the doctor, you may need to see a nurse. If so, your chart will be place in a slot and the nurses will see you in the order that they receive the charts from your doctor.

If you must leave before seeing the doctor, please indicate this beside your name on the Doctor Sign in Clipboard. A nurse will call you later with instructions. However, most often it is preferable that you see your doctor in case you require medications and/or to see a nurse.

If you are unsure of what to do please ask a nurse. For questions regarding blood test results, medications, procedure instructions or concerns related to your procedure, please call the nurse directly at 416.323.7727 ext 2329 or preferably email your questions to