We understand that some patients may need or want additional support during and after their fertility treatment. To meet this need, we have arranged for our patients to have direct and quick access to our counselling team who have the expertise and clinical training specific to the areas needed by our patients.

Our counsellors can help patients cope with the stress accompanied by infertility and fertility treatment, and provide them with support and information for making informed choices that are consistent with their personal values and life goals. We follow national and international counselling standards that recommend counselling in third party reproduction programs as a part of best practice guidelines.

Many private insurance plans cover counselling services provided by registered social workers. Please check with your plan benefits manager to confirm your counselling coverage. Counselling receipts are issued for all payments. Please save the receipts for your insurance benefits claim or Canada Revenue Agency’s medical expense tax credit.

CReATe offers two monthly support groups for those who want to connect with others in a safe and confidential environment. Both groups are facilitated by CReATe’s Jan Silverman who has many years of support group experience. Groups meet in the reception area of the CReATe Fertility Centre. There are no fees for CReATe support groups and everyone is most welcome to attend. For more information email Jan at

  • On Our Own (OOO) Support Group is a gathering for singles who want to share, discuss and explore feelings, information, issues, and solutions related to single parenthood by choice. Meeting time: 4th Thursday of every month from 6:30-8:30 pm.
  • Infertility Support Group is a gathering for any patients who want to share thoughts, strategies, joys and sorrows related to their family building journey. Meeting time: 3rd Thursday of every month from 7-9 pm.